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lambdaforge is a consulting company that specializes in information system engineering and digital products.

We design and build scalable, maintainable and reliable systems for data-intensive applications by building on a combination of the best open-source industry standards and our own open-sourced stack.

Our speciality are functional programming paradigms to deliver high-quality products in quick iterations. We can beat the averages by minimizing the complexity of our solutions with Clojure and JavaScript.

We are not only able to handle large amounts of data in our pipelines, but believe in tight integration with both well established and bleeding-edge data science technologies. To do so we conduct scientific research parallel to our consulting work.

We can work with state-of-the-art machine learning frameworks in Python or R, but through our deep understanding we also tightly integrate the necessary numerical routines directly and can infer business-critical information in realtime.

About us

Given a problem our team of specialists forms a self-managed, focused unit formalizing the product design given the underlying business model to implementing a flexible scalable full-stack system design. We then keep your long-term costs low by running the resulting system smoothly.

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Konrad Kühne

Konrad Kühne

CEO, Co-Founder

Konrad is a seasoned system's engineer with over ten years of programming experience covering a wide range of technologies and processes. He pushes the boundaries by mixing established technologies with problem-specific custom solutions to provide optimal software architectures for the task at hand. He always puts the focus on the business model first to derive cost-effective and evolvable solutions for each problem.

Contributing to popular open source projects he also promotes open-source solutions to the community in meetups, events and can provide courses to get your team up to speed in modern scalable IT architectures and technologies.

Christian Weilbach

Christian Weilbach

CRO, Co-Founder

Christian is an awarded distributed system architect and expert in combining machine-learning systems with scalable data-processing systems.

Being a computer scientist by training he cares deeply about the economic success of projects. Drawing on his academic network he can quickly research state-of-the-art solutions for problems and helps to frame a long-term strategy for products and companies. He educates with passion and pushes the boundaries by developing new machine-learning technologies in his PhD at UBC.

Pablo Mestre Drake

Pablo Mestre Drake

Devops Specialist

Pablo is an experienced devops engineer who specializes in administrating modern scalable web solutions with the best technologies suited for the job. Being an open source advocate he is an expert in Linux systems and orchestrates systems with modern container solutions.

As a cuban citizen working in Brazil he supports the south american free software community by organizing events like the cubaconf.

Chrislain Razafimahefa

Chrislain Razafimahefa

Backend Architect

Chrislain obtained a PhD from Geneva University on runtime support for Java applications, before spending a postdoctoral year at Sun Microsystems, Palo Alto. He has since worked on development projects in Geneva for an international organization and a bank. He taught undergraduate courses on communication protocols and multimedia at Geneva University.

Wade Dominic

Wade Dominic

Jack of all trades

Wade dances on the border of creativity and logic. As a designer developer he establishes channels of communication which visualise and articulate a vision right through to the implementation details. His unique experience and perspective streamlines product development by avoiding miscommunication and wasted/throwaway feature development.

Always on the pursuit of more knowledge he now studies mathematics and physics in Australia.

Ferdinand Kühne

Ferdinand Kühne

Open Source Contributor

As an avid open source developer Ferdi supports us in his free time on our open source libraries konserve and incognito. He works at jSERVICE as a Clojure developer in Münster.


As open source developers we are interested in transferring our knowledge about our work as often as possible. Here we are collecting the latest blog posts, screencasts or announcements.

Got some questions we should write about? Let us know!

Title An Introduction to the Hitchhiker Tree
Description The goal of the Hitchhiker tree is to wed three things: the query performance of a B+ tree, the write performance of an append-only log, and convenience of a functional, persistent data structure.
Title Rapid Web App Prototyping with Clojurescript
Description A short trip through web development via Om, a beautiful React-wrapper in Clojurescript, and replikativ, a simple synchronisation infrastructure


Having worked with large corprations as well as small startups, we are able to adjust to different environments.

We are happy to help you with your digital challenges!

Client Heidelberg Cement AG
Project Development of customer portal.
Client TWT Health GmbH
Project Review of medical assistance application for Parkinson patients.
Client Oxford University
Project Development on probabilistic programming language system Anglican.
Client 100 Worte GmbH
Project Design and development of a data-intensive information system for emotional text analysis. Product development from architecture design to development and operations.
Client Economic Networks Limited
Project Development on an innovative functional blockchain exchange system. Design consulting for evolutionary architecture.
Client Heidelberg University
Project Collaboration with the Psychological Institute. Development and operation of an Android app in combination with a backend system and desktop application used for psychological research.
Client UG
Project Creation of a review web application for business end-users with integration of geo data.
Client caprimed GmbH
Project Design of mobile web API for dental online marketplace. Development of Android application, API mockup and API testing framework.
Client Exzellenzhotel Heidelberg
Project Design and implementation of a multi-lingual, isomorphic content management system.
Client Apfel GmbH
Project Design overhaul of legacy API and database for IOT application in industrial storage towers.
Client Brandagram GmbH
Project Development of an Android camera app with live filters, using a self-made OpenGl pipeline.
Client MatchRider UG
Project Development of Android application and extension of web system for car sharing application.
Client Biomedical Informatics Heidelberg
Project Statistical analytics of medical data.
Client Keatec GmbH
Project Deep-Learning based system for a callcenter application.

Open Source Projects

Our team is deeply invested in the Clojure and AI community. We advocate open source technologies and contribute to improve the modern web.

Support our ideas for a better world!

Project datahike
Description A durable datalog database adaptable for distribution.
Project replikativ
Description An open, scalable and distributive infrastructure for a data-driven community of applications.
Project anglican
Description A probabilistic programming language to leverage your domain knowledge and data to infer business critical information.
Project konserve
Description A clojuresque key-value/document store protocol with core.async.
Project kabel
Description A library for simple wire-like connectivity semantics.
Project hasch
Description Cross-platform (JVM and JS atm.) edn data structure hashing for Clojure.
Project incognito
Description Safe transport of unknown record types in distributed systems.